Reflexology and Holistic Therapy

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is a specific type of massage where pressure is applied to the feet, hands, and ears. The theory behind this massage is that specific parts of the body are connected to specific organ and body systems and massaging them will help fix the systems in the body.

Reflexology dates back to ancient Chinese medicine. According to this medicine, each person has their chee and when they are in trouble or feeling stress the body blocks off the flow of the chee. This can lead to an imbalance. There are pressure points that are related to the body parts and when pressure is applied to these parts the healing will begin.

There are some benefits to reflexology. This method has been shown to help reduce the amount of stress and anxiety a person is experiencing. It has been shown to help reduce pain. It can even help improve overall mood and improve a person’s general attitude.

People have claimed that this method has helped with other health conditions including cancer. While it can help the body a person should still speak to their medical professional if they have a serious health condition.

Reflexology is safe to try. Even people with serious health conditions can benefit from this since it is non-invasive and is not painful.

Studies are still being conducted if it can help treat serious health conditions but it will not have negative effects on the body. Some people have reported they feel a little lightheaded after the session and their feet may be a little tender.

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While reflexology is not proven to cure any disease it can help treat stress and tension in the body. A person can get this treatment by a professional and they can see how they will become more relaxed and will be in an overall better mood.