Why Team Building Works

Team Building Works

Today’s businesses are more open to scrutiny and observation by officialdom, the media, and the public via the internet than ever before. Most firms have cycles of prosperity and lean times, but today’s air of austerity in the business world is apparent for all to see, which is why the smarter business leaders use team building as an important tool in their arsenal.

More businesses are expecting ever higher levels of commitment, value and service from all levels of employee, and particularly demands on management for increased performance under continuous pressure can, with the weight of other responsibilities become a restriction.

This debilitation can make its way down the chain of command, perhaps leading to loss of motivation and job satisfaction. This kind of creeping malaise can be addressed Continue reading “Why Team Building Works”

Caught Driving Without Due Care and Attention

Without Due Care and Attention

Driving without due care (otherwise known as careless driving) is a subjective offence in that the police are proposing that the standard of your driving fell below the standard expected from a prudent and reasonable driver.

To defend the allegation, all you need to prove is that in the same circumstances the same prudent and reasonable driver would have done the same as you.

Most careless driving offences are dealt with by means of a fixed penalty of 3 points & £100 fine. having said that, serious Continue reading “Caught Driving Without Due Care and Attention”

Building Demolition and Recycling

Building Demolition and Recycling

Building demolition as a concept is as old as the concept of building itself. All buildings, with a few exceptions such as the pyramids, or Stonehenge, have a life-span that will end at some time.

As more and more building land is required in the UK, so more attention has been paid to brownfield sites. These can be either re-modelled and re-vamped, or demolished.

Industrial sites, redundant factories and out of date Continue reading “Building Demolition and Recycling”